Validate a Lifetime of Major League Baseball™ Memories!

Have you ever dreamed of visiting all 30 MLB™ Ballparks?

The new MLB BallPark Pass-Port is your guide to a road trip adventure that will take you from coast to coast watching America’s favorite past time. Just like using an official U.S. Passport when you travel to a foreign country, the MLB BallPark Pass-Port lets YOU THE FAN Validate every ballpark you visit.
  • Constructed of leather quality material with reinforced stitching
  • Vinyl pouch lets you safely store those valuable ticket stubs
  • New fold-out National map featuring all 30 teams
  • Detailed ballpark information on each club including seating chart and validation box Validations are FREE!
  • 30 “I Sat Here” seat location stickers and 30 “Stadium Visited” map stickers
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • Gameday Facts and Journal
The perfect companion to the MLB™ BallPark Pass-Port, the MLB GameDay Pass-Port is great for those multiple game road trips or for 27 games of your favorite hometown team. Plus 24 additional validations and Special Event validations! Can be used at “Any Game, Any Place” throughout Major League Baseball. Includes vinyl ticket stub holder and autograph pages and fold-out map.
The MLB BallPark Stamp Series is a collection of 2 x 3 Hi-Res images of each Major League Ballpark stadium that is placed inside your MLB BallPark Pass-Port.
The Minor League Baseball™ BallPark Pass-Port can be used at “Any Game, Any Place” throughout Minor League Baseball™. The perfect companion to the MLB™ BallPark Pass-Port, the MiLB™ BallPark Pass-Port is great for season ticket holder or for the fan that only attends a few games a season.
Can be used it at “Any Game, Any Place” throughout Major League Baseball’s Spring Training ballparks in the Arizona Cactus League and Florida Grapefruit League. Includes fold-out maps of Arizona Cactus League™ and Florida Grapefruit League™ stadiums plus vinyl ticket stub holder and autograph pages!
The MLB™ Validation Pass-Port is the perfect book for fans who want stamps without Game Day Facts and Journal. The Validation Pass-Port is pocket sized at 4 x 5 and has the capacity for up to 168 Validation stamps. Constructed like a US Passport with threaded stitching and gold foil stamped cover. Includes Autograph pages and Validation Station Locations. Can be used at Any Game Any Place in Major League Baseball.
Available for Pre-Order now! Will ship on April 6th, 2015.
Print at Home – Download our template to use to print out your own photo on your printer. You will be mailed a 30 sheet package of special Pass-Port book size paper to print your photo on. If you'd like Pass-Port Sports to print the photo for you and mail it to you select the Custom Printed Photo option.
We’ll print it for you. Upon checkout you will be able to upload a photo for us to print. Pass-Port Sports will print your photo on special Pass-Port book size paper and mail it back to you. After you complete your checkout, scroll down the receipt page to find the upload box for your photos. If you'd rather print your picture on your own printer choose the Print At Home option and we'll send you custom sized paper and a downloadable template.
5 x 7 Sleeve with Pre-Drilled Holes Fit’s in your MLB BallPark Pass-Port
Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton T-Shirt. Available in Black, Red, White, Blue and Pink.
Pre-Shrunk 100% Cotton T-Shirt. Available in Black, Red, White, Blue and Pink.
The MLB BallPark Pass-Port STAMPeder Collection includes:
  • 1 MLB™ BallPark Pass-Port
  • 1 MLB™ GameDay Pass-Port
  • 1 MLB™ Spring Training Pass-Port
  • 1 MLB™ BallPark Pass-Port
  • 1 MLB™ Validation Pass-Port
  • 1 Get Validated T-Shirt
2 MLB Gameday Pass-Ports Or 2 Spring Training Pass-Ports
5 MiLB Pass-Ports (150 Games)
  • Each Bobblehead individually numbered 1-500
  • Two springs one in the neck and right stamping arm
  • Approx 8” Tall
  • Outfitted in a “Get Validated” T-Shirt
  • Holding a “MLB BallPark Pass-Port” in left hand and a Pass-Port Stamp in the right.
Make the most of your MLB™ BallPark Pass-Port with the New Expansion Pack Section!
  • Six MLB All-Star™ Event Validations, Gameday Facts and Memories
  • Six MLB Post-Season Validations, Gameday Facts and Memories
  • New Stadium Insert Cover Page
  • 18 Additional Validation Boxes
  • Four Additional Player Autograph Pages
New Fold Out Map with Stadium Visited Stickers
New Cover with larger 1 1/4″ Binder D Rings which allows more capacity to customize your Pass-Port with New Stadium inserts, photo's, MLB Special Events inserts and the new MLB BallPark Pass-Port Expansion Pack. Replaces Blue and Black Border Version Books with the following Binder Ring sizes: 3/4″ O Ring 1″ O Ring 1″ D Ring Includes New Secure Ticket Pouch w/ Flap to keep tickets safely stored inside your Pass-Port.
The new Atlanta Braves SunTrust Stadium 6 page Insert fits any generation MLB BallPark Pass-Port Book so you can add to the quest of visiting 31 Stadiums with your book! Includes set of New “Stadium Visited” and “I Sat Here” stickers with added stickers for NBHOF and Negro League Museums.